What makes L&V Sweets unique?

L&V Sweets is unique because all of our products are made by hand with love in Montreal. We use quality ingredients and design each confection with detailed care.

Do you have a catalog with pricing?

http://macayanez.com/project/normandie-festival-de-la-pluie-2013/ For retailers: Kindly fill out a Sombrerete request form and we will gladly send you our wholesale catalog with pricing.

For custom orders: Prices vary based on your order requests. Kindly fill out our tylko dla singli order form and we will get back to you with more information.

Can I place my order online?

We welcome you to visit our online shop for seasonal items. To place a retail or custom order please fill out the required Baihe order/request form.

Do you deliver?

We ship our products locally via courier. We ship products found in our online shop by local courier or with Canada Post. Online items can be shipped across Canada.

Local courier service is available within Montreal and surrounding area.

When shipping online, if you select, ‘local courier’, as your online shipping option – we will be in touch to determine a delivery date.

Are your products nut-free?

We can make products that do not contain nuts however many of or products do contain nuts or tree-nuts. We do not work from a nut-free facility.